The story
5th Year Anniversary
This year we celebrate our 5th year anniversary of Catch The Flava international breaking camp. Together we have been through many amazing moments. We've witnessed the creation of new friendships, lifetime memories, birthdays and even an engagement last year.. We've been dancing on a green land by the mountains, to the music played from the 45s vinyl, early morning running with about 200 people, and many more unforgettable moments. We've built together a community of more than 50 countries from all over the world. It has already been 5 great years, but we believe that the best is yet to come.
Breaking evolution
Professional Art
Experience first
Break... Yourself
People constantly rival with each other. Whether we like it or not, we're part of it and we're creating it. Breaking is more and more approaching its competitive aspect - professional trainings, bigger scale events, higher prizes, flashing lights etc. It's incredible, and we have our fingers crossed, that breaking will evolve and approach more and more people and it will allow more artists to live their lives from Breaking. Read more →
Stay to move on
Missing piece
Breaklife academy
Connect yourself
In response to the competitive part of breaking, we see our camp as a missing element in the breaking reality. By adding this experience we balance the breaking eco-system to fully evolve it. Read more →
Unique connection
Every year we carefully choose our faculty line up, to create an exclusive and unusual connection between all of us. We work hard to bring you the finest, original figures, strongly rooted in the breaking scene, yet well balanced collective of the teachers that we present at the camp. Meet our new CTF teachers:
Nasty Ray
Bgirl AT
Lil John
King of freestyle from New York, USA. Co-founder of the Legendary Skill Methodz Crew. Honored with The Spy Award for his contribution to the art of Breaking.
Polskee Flavour
We were always extremely passionate about travelling and learning. Through the course of approximately 15 years of dancing, each one of us have visited hundreds of breaking events. We've collected our favourite features, and we put together our dream camp, that we would love to attend ourselves. We've been working already 5 years on developing it, so you can enjoy the most unique breaking experience.
Knowledge for your muscles
Every day you will have a chance to learn new things. Moves, transitions, technique, knowledge. Visit CTF and become a student of the school of hip hop.
Discussion Panels
Wisdom for your soul
Ask your questions, draw conclusions and include them in your style. Like every year, our teachers are open to share their opinions about every aspect of the bboy life.
Chillout area
Feel the holidays
Chillout in the mountains with nothing else around you, just straight up nature. Go to the swimming pool and jacuzzi and have some rest after the hard practice. Play games at the courts area.
Jams & Parties
Celebrate good times
Still got energy in the evening? Go to the club inside the hotel. Go cypher, party dance or just chill and talk with other people from the camp.
HipHop Holidays
The finest breaking summer
Catch The Flava Camp x Oubtreak Europe festival x UNDISPUTED/World Bboy Series x REP YOUR COUNTRY World Finals x IBE & more surprises. 14 days of craziness with over 60 countries representing.
Trip to IBE
Can you dig it?!
A part of HipHop Holidays is now the Notorious IBE event happening in Heerlen, Holland. We are proud to offer you an opportunity to visit this legendary jam together. After Outbreak Europe there will be buses from Slovakia to Holland.
Health & Conditioning
Project Breakalign by Nefeli sMash
Every evening we take care of your well-being through stretching and conditioning sessions. We also offer you special lectures and exercises to prevent injuries which often happen in breaking.
Sachticka Hotel, Bańska Bystrica, Slovakia
You will definitely forget about your everyday problems just sitting outside on the terrace, drinking good quality coffee or enjoying the services of our relaxing environment. Ideal possibilities for trainings at the altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. High quality and tasteful food. Beautiful mountain scenery- in the heart of Slovakia. Out of the city and not too far from the civilization. Just 15 minutes by car to Bańska Bystrica downtown.

Sachticka Hotel
Šachtičky 34
97401 Bańska Bystrica, Slovakia
How to get to Sachticka Hotel from:
Bańska Bystrica
Take a flight to Krakow. From Krakow city center we are organizing a shuttle bus straight to Bańska Bystrica (4 hours). The Bus is leaving Krakow Sunday 24 July at 2 p.m. Bus is going back to Krakow Sunday 31th July evening right after the end of Rep Your Country event. If you think to choose this option, please contact us and let us know you want to book the seat in a bus from Krakow.
3 options to stay in
Sachticka Hotel
Sachticka Hostel
Conference room
3 person rooms in the main resort - Hotel standard with bathrooms.
Opinions of the campers
„The camp really changed the way I train. It allowed me to discover fresh perspectives from which to inform my breaking as well as helping me to focus on the importance of foundation within my dance”.
Contact Don't hesitate if you have any questions

+48 794 717 707