Learn about our project
Some facts
Edition of the biggest worldwide Breaking Camp
Hours of workshops and panel discussions
Legendary teachers from USA, Europe, Asia
Countries from all over the world in one place
Nights of parties, jams and music shows
Black Mirror
It is 2018. Breaking has reached the times when we are on the way to become the professional industry. Now we have our own league. We have the rankings. We have an app with the judging system. These tools create our Heroes. Best bboys. The ones that are untouchable at the top of the rankings. We love to watch them. Now we have the live streams so we can be up to date with with their next moves/sets.

We enjoy the growth of the scene in front of the computer screen. This scene has become so big. Sometimes scary. We are scared to really go and experience it live. We can get called out there or don’t pass the prelims so we become invisible. Then we might have a bad place to watch our heroes when live stream has perfect HD view. We feel safe watching it at home. It gives us emotions too. Almost like we were there.
Bboy Lifestyle 2.0
For the last years we’ve been developing a certain solution - CTF project. We’ve created alternative bboy/bgirl world. It is still a beta version - you apply it at your own risk. It’s a secret training. We put you to a special closed area. We create comfortable environment for you to grow and become ready. We programme your way of thinking in a different way.
Self confidence
The camp is not easy. You will feel the pressure. But a good one. A pressure that tells you to wake up at 7 a.m. to do the morning workout. Because everybody else does it too. And they were also at the party last night. No excuses. If you want more you gotta stay focus.

This experience gives you the confidence you needed. You meet your best bboys so you can see they are just like you and they have their weaknesses as well. You get the priceless tips. How to prepare. How to battle. But you also learn different mindset. A mindset that allows you to simply have fun at jams and don’t put too much pressure on the competition. Sometimes the less you care the better you perform.