This is what we stand for
Some facts
Edition of the biggest worldwide Breaking Camp
Hours of workshops and panel discussions
Legendary teachers from Americas, Europe & Asia
Countries from all over the world in one place
Nights of parties, jams and music shows
We’ve met so many great people and amazing stories in this community. This is the main reason why we do what we do. Inspirations. We believe that everybody’s got the power to inspire others.

We invite top class bboys & bgirls but they are not there to shine. Every year we try to pick the right ones. Our friends who will come share food with you or ask you if you feel good today. Because they are the same people like you.

In the times of Breaking getting more and more professional & competitive, we still want to keep social aspect alive and well. We are together for a few days, have a lot of time to learn new things but also to just vibe together having good times. At Catch The Flava camp we celebrate the culture in its purest form.
Keepers of the vibe
Come to a place where there are no Champions. Talk about life with your favourite bboys. Meet the whole world - different religions, skin colours, different habbits. All in one place having good time in peace. Talk with them about life. Exchange & build new relationships..

Take the right directions in breaking not only from great dancers but great teachers as well. Understand the different schools of breaking. Take what is important to you but respect all of them. Catch as much as you can. Make notes. This is really mind opening experience. Stay focused. Small things make the difference.

Show off at the evening jams & parties. Jam in the cyphers. Do the Soul train. Do the funky chicken. Do what you feel. You don’t need to wait until somebody will call your name. You are free at the camp. Have fun!
Polskee Flavour
We were always extremely passionate about travelling and learning. Through the course of approximately 16 years of dancing, each one of us have visited hundreds of breaking events. We've collected our favourite features, and we put together our dream camp, that we would love to attend ourselves. We've been working already 6 years on developing it, so you can enjoy the most unique breaking experience.