Learn about our project
Some facts
Street Styles camp with dancers from all over the world
30 hours of workshops, sessions and panel discussions
Legendary teachers from 4 corners of the world - West Coast • East Coast • Europe • Asia
Fat parties, jams and music shows every evening
All connected with the biggest breaking camp in the world
The story of CTF
The project came up from the idea of creating a hip hop village - full of passion, creativity and great vibes. With positive people from all around the world, no matter of race, religion or beliefs. After 7 years this place is so alive and well. It’s called Catch The Flava camp. Created for all dancers and hip hop heads. A place where we can exchange and learn and just spend great summer times.

Having the pioneers with us - the creators of the dance that we cultivate. Also having the ones that are on the top of the game at current times. They are all there for us. Each of them brings different approach and different value for the camp.
4 Corners
Your dance should be the reflection of who you are and where you from. That’s why the styles are different and the foundations are different in every part of the world. We believe that to fully understand the styles you need to learn the foundations from different schools of street dance.

This year at the camp our teachers represent 4 corners of the world. The places where street styles were born and the places where the dance was taken to the next level. You will have a chance to learn from the leaders of West Coast, East Coast, Asia and Europe.
Wider perspective
You will see the bigger picture. In this place where the legends and the young cats are sharing their perspective based on where they are from. This will be mind opening experience. You will use the lessons and the techniques you like but you have to respect all of them, and try to understand them. Your style and consciousness of the dance will grow. You just have to stay focused.