Youth is the future
About kids camp
Catch The Flava is currently the largest international Breaking & Street Styles camp. Participants from over 50 countries around the world come to our camp. Every year, we invite top dancers - the legends of the dance with huge achievements and experience. For 5 days, each of the participants can get to know their idols, talk with them, eat dinner together and, above all, receive many new tips from the workshops run by them.

As a Catch The Flava team we have also regularly organized camps for the youngest participants in Poland for 6 years, where we ourselves were instructors. This year seeing a huge interest and possibilities, which a new camp center provides us with - we have decided to open an international camp for the youngest ones.

We believe that the most avid young bboys/bgirls should also be able to participate in such development event. Staying among dance enthusiasts from around the world for 5 days and especially among their authority figures will give them even more motivation for development and hard training.
We have been working with children in our camps for 6 years. There are already 15 editions behind us. We know the needs and problems of the children very well because, after each camp we take the lessons learned forward. That way every subsequent camp is a new edition of the ones that came before.

Our camp definitely involves tough and demanding trainings. We realize how important proper nutrition and rest is with such physical effort , especially for children. Our camp counsellors throughout the camp pay close attention to how children eat meals and if they drink plenty of water and if they go to bed at the appropriate time.

A physiotherapist and medical care are at the disposal during the whole camp. In the event of any injury or injuries, the participants are under professional care.
Guardianship / Resignation
All underage persons arriving at our camp are officially reported to the Board of Education and are under our round-the-clock care. However, if the minor comes with their older friends, instructors and would like to be accommodated with them - you may opt-out of our care.

If your kid will stay under our care, please send us the following document “qualification card”, completed and signed by a parent / a legal guardian of a minor.

The condition of the resignation from our care is to send us the following document “form of care resignation”, completed and signed by a parent / a legal guardian of a minor.
If you are ready to register your kid for our camp just click the button below and fill the registration form. If you got some more question for us you can contact us via email: or call us: +48 793 102 229