Learn about our project
Some facts
2nd edition of the freshest Street Styles Camp these days
Three main styles: Popping, Hip Hop & House Dance
30 hours of workshops, sessions and panel discussions
Legendary line up, pioneers of these styles from all over the world, great teachers and individualities
Fat parties, jams and music shows every evening
All connected with the biggest breaking camp in the world
50 Countries from all over the world in one place
We jammin...
I would like to invite you for a walk through our village. Use your imagination to see how we live here. Put your VR glasses on and let’s go. The first thing you see is our chill zone. It’s full of people.. You can see a DJ playing some of the illest selections. Some people dancing around the Dj. others chillin and talking on the side. Let’s walk in. There is the foodtrucks area on your left. Some great food and drinks. Let’s get some good coffee. We have one of the best Krakow’s barista here.

While waiting for the coffee you can see the graffiti jam. Some dope writters hitting the walls, exchanging and enjoying the music and the vibe. Right next to it we have the outside cypher spot. These guys have been taking workshops all day but still have power to do some crazy rounds in the cyphers. It’s a really warm day, let’s cool down in the Fun Zone. It’s on the other side. We have some water activities here for you so you can relax and refresh. The entire outside area is carefully planned to provide you with various attractions.
Push your limits
Let’s move on. Let me show you how we train. So imagine we are at the field outside with more than 500 people from both Breaking & Street Styles camp. Ready to rock. Morning workout with Hatsolo. Not to kill you but to make your body ready for a day full of workshops. You see all these people from different parts of the world sweating with the smile on their faces and helping each other. Our coach Hatsolo motivating us… Last Set Best Set! Done. High fives. Ready for the workshops. Let me show you our gyms. These are our labs for the week.

Find your place and stay focused. You can get so much knowledge here during the camp. The styles, the grooves, foundations, transitions, flows, technics, dynamics and strength. Variety of the line up gives us different perspectives at the classes. Look around. You have the whole world here and everyone have the same goals. To work hard and progress. The program is super intense. Make sure you will not miss the stretching/yoga sessions every evening after the workshops. Relax your body and your mind.
The nightlife
Ready to see even more? The sun is down but the day is not over. VR glasses still working? Let me present to you the nightlife at Catch The Flava. We are back at the chill zone. The place is so alive. More than 500 people from both camps are here, looking fresh and funky. Celebrating the summer times and meeting new friends from all around the world. Let’s grab a drink and I will show the official CTF CLUB. Can you hear the live music coming from somewhere. This is the place. The soundsystem and the party lights are Legit. The live band and the Dj’s is going off!

People are dancing, vibing and doing some crazy stuff over here. Stage diving on one side, soul train on the other. Get into it. Get involved. The party is legendary. Let’s go back outside and chill. Oh wait… what is happening there?! I guess it’s another party outside! Cypher spot is still on fire. Outside DJ booth is just another dance floor. People dancing under the sky and hanging out everywhere. The main question is: go sleep and miss the rest of this crazy party or stay here and be sleepy tomorrow at the classes. What a day it was...